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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cheerleading Compition!

Cheerleading is a hard sport, especially when you have to lift people up in the air and throw them back down, on Sunday 5th of August I had to do a lot of that because It was the Wellington cheer-leading compition!

First me and my sister Lily went to the supper market to get food to snack on during the compition because it went on from 12:00 to 5:00, we got chips, chocolate, cruskits, and drinks.
We had to hurry though because the compition was going to start soon.

When we arrived to the place we were competing at, me and Lily walked in and there were cheerleading squads from everywhere including Auckland. I don't know about Lily but I was really nervous.We saw our squad (which was zone) and went up to them, Sally (our teacher) told us it was our turn to practice on the big sprung floor.

when the compition finally began we were one of the first squads to compete, we did really well!
at the award ceremony all of us from zone were hoping that our team came first place Sally came up to me and told me that if we win any prizes that I would have to go and get it.

When the judges began to announce the results the excitement builds and.....................................................Zone comes first! Everyone from Zone were very glad we got a trophy and a big banner.

I'm glad we won and I hope there are more compitions in the future.

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  1. Hey Arielle
    That sounds really fun. I sorry I got there just after you had performed but I'm glad I saw some other amazing cheers. What was your favorite part?


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