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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hospital Trip

Having asthma is a pain, you alway's have to take inhalers morining and night to prevent It from happing, and you need to carry a blue inhaler for instant relif if you get asthma during the day.

On a dark night, i asked dad to take me with im to the city to drop my cousin off at work, and he said yes, so we started to drive and when we finally reached the brightly lit city we stopped outside my cousin's work place and when she got out we drove off.

We stopped outside the mall to have something to eat, then we romed around thecity looking at shops. I started to feel a bit weezy and at that point I knew I had asthma.

  When we finally finished at the city we walked to the car and headed for home, I felt worried because I knew I ran out of inhalers, I hoped it would eaze up by the time we reached home but it did'nt.

At home it felt like my throught was closing in, I knew I could'nt stop it so I told my parents and then dad took me to the hospital.

  I was breathless when we arrived at the hospital we sighned in and we had to wait what semed like forever for a docer to come and see me, and when the docter finally camer, she took us to her office and asked me a few qustions and she then took me and dad to a room with a strange machine.

The docter gave me a mask to put around my mouth and then she swiched on the weird looking machine and it helped me breath.

I then got a blue inhaler and I finally got to go home and get some rest, I was so sleepy and by the time I got home It was one o'clock In the morning. I went to my bed and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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