I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai Syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Passion Post

My passion is Glee because its such a cool program,
my favourite character is Santana, sue, and Brittany. The people that play these people are Naya
Rivera, Jane Lynch,and Heather Morris. Santana is very mean and thinks that she is to cool for school and her best friend is Brittany. Sue is very mean and is the cheerleading coach, she usually pushes students into the lockers. Brittany is not the smartest girl around but she is very nice and always helpful to others.
One of the writers of this awesome program is Ryan Murphy.
 One of my favourite episodes is I Am Unicorn, I cant wait till  Friday for a new episode.

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